Why should you care what your competition is doing?

Competition is real

Well to be honest business is not like church or ministry. In church you are not allowed to compete. You can’t compare yourself to others. Why, because your call is different. God doesn’t like you to be someone you are not.  But business is no church. The rules are different here. You need to care what your rivals are doing. In business you ignore competition at your own peril.

Does competition matter?

Why should you care? It might be working. It might be getting results. They may be getting big bang for their bucks. If what they are doing works learn from them and improve upon it.


Your competition can be your teacher

Competition is not always bad. If you know how to use them as a classroom. Don’t hate them. Learn from them and copy even. Don’t copy what they are doing copy the tactics and the strategies that work build on them even.

Whatever you learn whatever you hear find out why?

Let’s say they send out marketing copy in a certain way. Find out why? Measure the results. If its working why should you not do the same. There is no copyright for strategies and tactics. But for every good campaign going on there is always room for improvement. Learn and improve. Don’t be a dumb student learn and make better what your competition has made good.

Why else should you care?

The other reason besides knowing what works is so that you can prepare yourself to beat the competition. Your competitor’s copy is often what you have to beat. It might be their sales letter, it might be their advert, their website even, learn in order to beat it.

If you can subscribe to your competitor’s newsletters and emails you may learn a lot for free.

If you are in business you are a student study

Study every marketing offer available in your industry from the competition. Reverse engineer it and strengthen the weak points and keep the good and the excellent bit. There are no marks for creativity in business only for results.
Why should you reinvent the wheel? Sell the wheel. After all are you not in business of selling.

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy

Direct response and B2B copy writer

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