One question every prospect needs answered before proceeding with the sale?

Every prospect comes with a question. If you are selling something and you don’t answer it for them they wont buy. The question is not always verbalized but it will do you good to answer it never the less.

Why should i buy from you and why should i buy this service or product?

I have sold a number of products over the years in my various businesses. One question i have grown to respect is this question above. If you are writing marketing copy you must answer it. If you are selling door to door or face to face you must answer it.

Imagine this :someone standing by the roadside selling something to you. Would you just buy from them because they are selling?  Would you buy for the simple reason that they are selling? Human psychology demands more of us. We don’t buy for the sake of buying.

When you answer this question you take away focus from yourself or your product to where it should be that is on the prospect’s needs, wants, fears and question marks.

Learn to focus on the prospect and the buyer and not yourself and your sales pitch won’t be bad. Copy that is not focussed on the prospect is inward looking and is a total turnoff to the buyer. It reeks of selfishness on the marketer’s part and rarely gets intended results.

The number 1 rule of writing marketing copy is to get results. Your marketing copy should have this focus. The only awards that really matter in writing marketing copy is the results of money paid by the customers.  All else is commentary. The more answers you provide adequately the more you sell.

What other questions are your prospects asking and you  unaware ? Whether consciously so unconsciously aware its no excuse. You are better off knowing. Find out what fears they have about your product or service. Answer the question.

By Aubrey Mavhuli B2B and Direct response Copywriter.

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