3 main reasons why prospects stop reading your copy ?

The three main reasons why prospects stop reading

Who else wants to know the three main reasons why prospects stop reading your copy ?If your copy is not being read at all the answer is easy. That’s not what I am talking about. Fix your headline and your photos or graphics. I am talking here about prospects starting to read your copy then somewhere along the way stopping to jump ship.

Prospects read ready to dump letters

Copywriters like John Forde says prospects read direct marketing copy whilst standing over the bin. If the copy doesn’t cut it they drop the ‘junk mail ‘ into the bin. It mustn’t come as a surprise to you. Marketing and selling is no child’s play. If its your landing page prospects can start and after a few sentences quit.

John Forde’s three reasons prospects stop reading your copy. He calls this method or the reasons the CUB technique.

1. Confusing

Before you sit down to write copy ask yourself what you want out of the read copy. Is it to entertain, educate, inform, sell or influence. Purpose and intention go ahead of writing copy. If you don’t plan your blog or any other copy you write you will get your prospects going around the same mountain. They will be lost. Its not a good thing. If they are lost they are hard to find back. There is rule of selling and marketing : it says don’t lose your customers don’t lose an interested lead.

2. Unbelievable

The prospect has two rights when they read your copy. They can believe or disbelieve. Believe is fine. Disbelief and unbelief isn’t good for you. What have you written that creates doubt more than belief. Is there any elements of your copy that sounds too good to be true? If you cant prove it it will always be doubted. Make use of testimonials and experts comments and opinions to create trust and belief.

3. Boring

Being sold, is boring. Who wakes up in the morning and says today is the day i am going to be sold. Well, none. Overselling is selfish and boring. Show the benefits to the other part not to yourself only.

You can use the CUB technique to evaluate your copy. Is it confusing, is it sounding like fiction or truth or is it boring?

No more reason to write copy that gets dropped in the waste basket.

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

Supervalue copy

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