What is the absolute must for writing effective copy?

Writing copy is an art. Writing effective copy is a science. There are actions that precede effective copy writing. Miss those absolute must haves and you are writing for yourself. No need to tell you that writing for yourself is of no use.

It doesn’t matter you are writing a love letter, a fundraising letter for an Non Governmental Organisation or a sales letter to sell socks. The absolute musts are the same. There is this one absolute must for writing effective copy that even A-rated copy writers if they do not have it their copy will bomb. I have received this advice not once, not twice but many many times. I hereby pass it on to you.

This is less a must have but more a must know and a must do. The first step to writing killer copy is to know the audience you are writing to. If you don’t know them research them.

Effective copy writing is not magic. It is not luck. It doesn’t happen on its own. You dont need tricks just research and know your audience. If you have no knowledge of your audience you have no right to write effectively.

Effective copy writing is writing that is followed by action. It’s not enough to know about your audience you absolutely have to know who they are.

Know whether they are male or female?
How old they are?
What do they do for a living?
How do they live? Where do they live?
How do they spend their time? Where do they hang out? Who do they hang out with?
What do they believe about the problem and solutions available?
What are their feelings towards the problem and solution?
What solutions and types of solutions do they desire?

The audience holds the answers to all copy writing questions. As a copywriter or marketer it’s your duty to find the hidden answers. Research! Research! Know and know thy audience is thee commandment of writing effectively.

Do you have any copy writing questions post them below in the comments section.

Chief Copywriter

Direct Response and B2B Copywriter

Aubrey Mavhuli

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