Failure to understand your customer’s buying process could be bleeding your business dry.

Do you understand your customer’s buying process?

Selling can be frustrating sometimes. Its nice when you are actually selling and getting customers though. What you need to know is that no one sells all the time but you can reduce your rejection rate.

Sales is not something foreign to humans. Sales is relationships. Understand that and you are on your way to enjoying sales. The best analogy of marketing to sales is found in relationships.

See what i mean soon. The worst form of selling is cold calling. Its pure hard work. Ask me. In relationships picture this: asking for marriage on the first date. Its crazy right? Sure right. Who would say yes? Few except only on television or in the movies right?

Marketing prepares your customer to say yes to you. It’s like dating. If you allow me to say this ‘learn to date and court your customer.’ The price and complexity of what you are selling determines the ‘courtship period’. The sale can be likened to a marriage. It’s like when your date agrees for marriage. It started off with a relationship that grew in trust and affection.

Lessons from marriage:

You can’t marry people you don’t know right. They are called strangers. Take time to understand your customer’s buying process. Understand every stage of the buying process. Understand inorder to influence. People get married because they have their best match. Your marketing should make the customer think the same of you. But it’s critical to be perceived so at every stage.

You have heard that ‘leadership is influence’ John Maxwell has said marketing is the same.

To be of influence understand :

Who makes the buying decision?
When do they buy?
What makes them buy?
How do they chose and based on what?
Is it price or quality or guarantee?
Is it customer service or durability or convenience ?
Do they shop around ?
Where do you get the customers from?
Is it referrals is it adverts etc.
Are your customers knowledgeable a lot before they buy or they don’t need a lot of knowledge? Are they knowledgeable about the need, product and solution.
Do they make calculated decisions or emotional irrational decisions.

Written by Chief Copywriter
Direct response and B2B copywriter
Aubrey Mavhuli

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