The best marketers are story tellers. In what way can a customer success story benefit your organisation?

Humans are built for stories

Yesterday I spoke of content marketing as the new kid on the block, today I will dig into one way of utilizing content marketing. It’s through telling of a customer success story. This is also known as a case study. Humans are built for stories. This is why all the Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood of this world exist. The movie industry exists because humans simply love stories. Take a hint. Marketing with stories is a great tactic. Stories are brilliant in so many ways in that they are not invasive at all. Tell a good story and sell yourself by what you say. Telling a good story makes you likable to your audience. Remember people do business with people they like.

A good case study consists of a good headline, one carefully chosen headline for effect. Let the headline state or outline the benefit.  The benefits could be speed increase, reduction of losses, quality improvement or whatever would make the prospect look up and notice.

Listed below are the essentials of a good case study:

Company background or brief

The case study or company success story requires a brief background. Here you can state how old the company has been in existence and where its located and who it serves.

Challenge faced by prospect

Clearly outline the problem or challenge that your other prospect faced and how you came to their rescue. Here hint why you think you are one of the best people or organisations to do it.

The solution

Here you outline how and where the solution fits into the problem. Outline why this was the best solution for the problem.

The results

Aftermath of the terrible problem in what way is life better all thanks to the solution. Is the result the expected one or it was the unexpected.


In the case study it would be great to get quoted voices highlighting that the solution delivers on the promise and even goes beyond.

Contact information

It would be a great tragedy to write a captivating story that doesn’t at the end out where you can be found. Always put your website, physical address, emails and phone no’s and social media pages.

Call to action

To learn more about this problem and the solution contact the relevant department in your organisation.

Case studies are great if you market and sell complex products and services. Engineering products and components and services come to mind. A case study will give a sense to your prospects what type of people you work with. It’s a brilliant way of doing content marketing. There is very little direct selling when you use case studies but when the customer is sold there are sold for a very long time.

Why are you not using case studies in your marketing plan?  Comment below. I would love to hear your marketing stories. In-fact I really love to hear your story so much that I am willing to give you a free marketing plan template if you either comment below or share this article and help raise up an entrepreneur.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy

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