The four essential issues to identify before you start writing your marketing copy.

Good copy writing is learnable

Writing good marketing copy is a skill. It’s learnable. Anyone can learn it. Writing great copy takes hard work and endless learning to up skill.

Knowing what to do before the first sentence is written is the stuff that separates good copywriters from great copy writers. Great copy writers are like any other professionals such as surgeons, lawyers and accountants. They are copy specialists who have made templates and have acquired knowledge to make copy effective. They have mastered the stuff to do before and stuff not to do to spoil the copy.

At copy writing school it is taught that there are four essentials to identify before you sit down to write any marketing copy:

  1. Identify core feelings to stimulate in your targeted prospect.

Your prospect has feelings. Your prospect acts on feelings and emotions.  There are 7 basic emotions that drive action in your copy. Fear, Greedy, Vanity, Lust, Pride, Envy and Laziness.

Let’s say it’s the emotion of pride you have identified in your prospects. You will write copy that is suitable to appeal to the pride and ego of the prospect.

  1. Determine the campaign’s big promise

Marketing copy has a clear purpose that can be measured by dollars and cents. Before you start writing your copy you must figure out the letter or advert’s big promise.  The promise is the peg upon which your campaign hangs on. Think it out carefully to have impact.

  1. Know the offer

If the promise is the peg upon which the campaign hangs, the offer is the ground upon which your advert, sales letter and campaign stands on. You can’t afford to miss it you can’t blow it.  Your offer can create leads or give you straight sales.

  1. Know the format

Deciding before hand the format of the advert, sales letter or campaign is crucial. The format is a lot of things, but these include: the length of the copy. The voice in the copy, who is writing the letter? The testimonial you will use and your basic points of view are all part of the format. Depending on what you are selling the format can be long length or short copy. The format will decide on the testimonials.

Like I teach so many entrepereneurs preparation breeds success. Know what to know before you start writing your marketing copy.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy

Do you need any great marketing copy professionally written for you? Contact me for a free proposal. Do you need sales or marketing training give me a shout?

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