The secret of writing for persuasion is knowing your Big Idea and your Big Promise

Mark Ford of AWAI says of good writing it’s, “good thinking clearly expressed.”

Writing well

Writing well is not a secret. Like all good things anyone can learn to write well. Writing well is preparation. Know the reason for writing. Writing well is knowing your audience and writing strictly to them. Know why you are writing. Writing well is knowing your why? The why of why you write. Why do you write what you write?

Audience is the master

It doesn’t matter what you write and how you write. Know thy audience. Know your why. If you know who you are writing to and why you are writing to them, you can prepare well. Preparation is the heart of achievement.

Writing well is preparation

The first step in writing well is not to write. The first step is to prepare. Preparation takes research. Research your audience. Research how they could respond. Research what can make them move.  Remembering that in business you don’t write for ovations. In business you write for money.  If your writing doesn’t bring in money it can’t, be good let alone great.

The one big idea

As you start asking yourself, “What’s my one big idea?” Do not bog your sales page, advert, landing page with many ideas. Too many ideas kill the sale. Mark Ford of AWAI argues your big idea should do a number of things for you.

Hook the interest 

The big idea should hook the interest of the prospect and keep them really hooked.

Confirm the prejudices

The big idea should also confirm the prospect’s prejudices. All have prejudices, don’t we all? Hunt them down and find them out and confirm them to the prospect.

Resonate with emotions

The big idea should resonate with the prospect’s emotions. If your idea does not resonate with the prospect’s emotions. Your copy is talking to the head. Copy that talks to the head has missed the heart. It wont sell nothing.

Stimulate desire

The prospect has desires. The big idea should stimulate them. If the big idea in the copy misses to stimulate the desires in your prospects there won’t be persuasion. Without persuasion what ought to be done remains undone.

Big idea should be simple

The big idea should not have a big head. It should be simple. Simple enough to enable your prospect to share it with others from memory without complications. A simple big idea is to commit to memory and to share create many evangelists for your product or service.

Big idea should deliver the promise

Above all else the big idea should deliver the goods. It should deliver the big promise. What ever has been promised in the headline or the lead should be delivered in the body of the sales letter or advert.

The legendary advertising man David Ogilvy says asking of relevant questions helps recognize the big idea in any copy.

The questions

Does it make the intended prospect gasp when they first see it?

Does it make someone say I wish I had thought of it myself?

Is it unique? Unique can be a selling point.

Does the big idea make a perfect fit with your marketing strategy?

Is it long lasting can it be used for long like 10, 20 to 30 years?

Whatever copy you decide to write if you intend to sell or persuade someone find your own big idea.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

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