Are you tired of copy that induces no action? Try the power of one in your copy.

Communication is no rocket science. It should not be difficult, but it is not easy never the less. Communication is a challenge. It challenges even the best of organisations. It challenges even the best of us copywriters and marketers even. A few people fail communication by omission, but many fail by commission. Master communication and you are a step closer to your goals.

In marketing as well as in any other engagements with customers, clients, patients or students, shy away from miscommunication. One simple reason for miscommunication is an avalanche of ideas. These ideas quite often contribute nothing to the understanding or sticking of ideas in the prospects mind.

There are four secrets to effective and purposeful communication centered on the power of one. This is a term that was coined by Mark Ford the legendary copy writing master.

Communicate one simple idea

Let the idea be single. Let the idea be simple. One mistake communicators make is to show off. Don’t let your communication show off anything, to your prospects. The simple purpose of marketing communicating is to convey a message and solicit a response, not to show off. Boastful marketing communication is bad. It often obtains unwanted responses.

Don’t mess up your idea with boasting. It achieves nothing. It’s worse when you are trying to market your product or service or even to fund raise. It alienates your prospects. Remember the rule of selling. People buy from people they like. When you boast you make yourself hard to like. If people don’t like you, they won’t buy your story. This causes your marketing copy to fall flat on its face.

Stir up one core emotion

Emotions are dime a dozen.  An attempt to stir up all of them in your prospects might be disastrous and achieve no desired results. Thought should come before action. Zero in on one emotion you want out of your prospects that compels them to act. Go all out and stir it up, that is the emotion you require.

Tell one captivating story

Think of one single great story to arouse the right emotions within your prospects. There are many stories to fit any situation, but if you must choose. Chose the best one. Chose the one that speaks volumes to your prospects.  It’s usually the one that stirs the emotions that drive action. A good story is the one that excites and touches people but a great story compels people to act.

Direct your prospect to one inevitable response

After all is said and done. The purpose of communication especially marketing communication is to solicit a response from the prospects. Give one call to action that is clear and without confusion for a favourable response.

Learn the power of one and write copy that compels prospects to act.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy

Do you need any great marketing copy professionally written for you? Contact me for a free proposal. Do you need sales or marketing training give me a shout?

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