Do not send a promotional email till you read this.


Effective email marketing has high returns

Anyone can write an email but its only a few marketers who can write effective promotional emails. The reason I like emails is they are affordable. Any business can afford them. Word of caution though promotional emails do not start with emails. The marketing tactic does not start there. It starts somewhere else. It starts with a lead magnet or a trip wire.

Cold email is a no no

You cant do cold emailing. That tactic rarely works well. Most of your prospects will have serious firewalls and security software to guard against unsolicited emails.

Below are a few secrets for writing effective promotional emails:

1. Create a lead magnet
A lead magnet helps you solicit prospects’ emails. Create a free report, a checklist or offer a free audit, free quotation that prospects request and you send them through email.

2. Write an effective subject line
An effective subject line is one that results in emails being opened. Practise a number of subject lines and chose the one most likely to result in an opening. Its usually one that is outward concerned not inward.

3. Write an effective headline
Don’t write like you are writing a thesis. Write like you talk. Its more effective that way. Let your headline grab the attention of your prospect and pull them into the email story.

4. Don’t forget the offer
Your email should state the offer explicitly, clearly and early.
After all isn’t that the reason for your promotion.

5 Repeat the offer.
Your email should repeat the offer quite often and even at the end of the email.

6. Make it an email campaign
You can’t make a lone email it usually doesn’t work. Besides if you write and send one email you might be discouraged if it bombs out. An email campaign might be 5 to 7 carefully thought out email promotions.

Email is a low hanging fruit for any business. Use it. Don’t neglect it.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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