Who else wants to grow their sales?


The statistics are clear. Numbers do not lie. They are surely not politicians. To grow sales may be not so easy a task but it’s  surely not rocket science.


Listed below are the threexperts ways to increase your sales for any business.

1. Increase the amount of purchase

How is this done. Easier said than done. In simple terms it means get your customers to spend more with you per time than they would normally. If a customer has bought from you before don’t give up on them. It’s not the end its the beginning of a long relationship. Do the maths if a customer has already bought from you before he was not forced and hope he wasn’t cheated right? He made his choice and hopefully he or she likes you. Sweeten the deal to make them buy more. Talk to them.

2.Who else wants to grow their sales? Increase purchasing frequency

If your customers can’t buy more let them buy what they want more often from you then. Overtime your profit and cashflow may be improved. This is still good for business. Afterall an annuity business is a great business. Income may be assured for months.

3. Increase the number of clients

This is by far the hardest to achieve. Hence don’t take your customers for granted. Those you have obtained already. Fight tooth and nail to keep them. Hold onto them with all your might for you never know when you will get newer ones. Isn’t a bird in the hand worth 10 in the forest?

Whatever you do know the lifetime value of your customers. This helps you chose the right strategies and make appropriate decisions for investing in customer acquisition.

One other thing is understand what makes your customers buy from you. Don’t make the assumption that they buy because you are in business. No one buys because you are selling. No one wants to be sold.

Direct Response and B2B Chief copywriter
Aubrey Mavhuli

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