Are you afraid of rejection you can reject rejection and learn to succeed!

You can reject rejection and learn to succeed

There is a saying if you are not being rejected often you are not trying often. Rejection should not pull you down. Rejection is for those trying to do or to become something.  You can’t be rejected if you are not pitching, selling or proposing. Rejection should harden your resolve to succeed.  You cannot achieve anything of note unless you learn smart tactics to cope with rejection. Rejection is not fatal. Your response to rejection, however can be fatal to your success.

All have been rejected before

The greatest of authors, presidents and best of our talented people have faced rejection pretty often. Rejection is a sign of those who attempt something in life. If you are terrified of rejection do nothing. Propose nothing and stand up for nothing.

If you are selling and the prospect sounds like they are rejecting, you. You have two options. To pack your bags and run or get smart when being rejected.

Smart thing to do when rejected

The smartest thing to do when being rejected is to think solutions and focus on solutions. Forget rejection. It’s nothing personal.

Thinking solutions is about learning to ask the right questions. Ask your prospect some solution focussed questions.

Three essential questions to help you get smarter when being rejected:

  1. What would the ideal solution look like to you?
  2. What needs to change for this product or service to meet your expectations?
  3. If I could change 1, 2, 3 will you be happy to sign off the order?

What not to do when rejected

Don’t be defensive

Don’t run away

Ask and listen

 How to escape rejection?

Become an expert in your field. When you become an expert prospects run to you. That gives you power over them. You decide if you want to work with them or not. You may do the honour of rejecting.

Becoming an expert

Forget rejection. Become an expert. There are various ways of becoming an expert or presenting oneself as an expert. Listed below are some of the popular ways:

Write articles


Write a book

Present seminars


Learn to cope with rejection

As an entrepreneur or sales person, you need to learn to copy with rejection.

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