The ultimate phrase guiding marketing copywriting of value.

In marketing there is nothing as bad as being off topic as far as your customer or prospect is concerned. In writing marketing copy one phrase stands out. If you make it stay at the back of your mind as you write your long sales letters or advert. Your copy may be effective.

It’s the “so what ?” phrase. This method of asking this phrase all the time can keep your copy grounded and relavant to the prospect. As long as you realise and acknowledge that writing marketing copy is not for for you perse but for the benefit of your prosects your copy will serve well.

Apply the “so what” question to everything about your copy. Does your copy have a headline ask so what? Lead pargraph, body so what? Your offer and postscript ask the “so what question?” If this phrase is answered all the time chances are you are on tbe right path as your focus becomes on the customer or prospect not on you.

Copy writing is not for show. It is to ensure effective communication of value. Whatever that is. Value is different things to different people.

Chief Copywriter


Aubrey Mavhuli

Are you selling yourself short by making these sales mistakes?

You are in sales

Everyone is in sales. Are you? The truth about sales is everyone is involved, at one stage or the other in one way or the other. Are you an engineer? You are in sales. Are you a parent? You are in sales. Are you a politician? You are in sales. Are you a preacher? You are in sales.

You are better off learning

If you do realise and appreciate that you are in sales, wont you be better off learning the skill? Sales is a skill. Like all skills under the sun there are learnable. Even rocket science or brain surgery are learnable.

Pride is success killer

When I started off in sales I sold traditional dresses door to door. I was bad at it. I sold a few of them by luck. I went on to sell wire art and world maps known as globes. I became better at it through learning. One of the few things that held me back was pride. I thought it was beneath me to sell but I soon realised success in business is sales. Bill Gates is where he is because of sales. Jeff Bizos is where he is because of sales. Sales I soon learnt is not a shameful job. It’s the only way up in business. I had to get better it. I invested in myself. I learnt. Sales is learnable.


Dont sell to the universe

When I started off I sold to everyone. It was a terrible mistake. You can’t sell to the universe it’s too much hard-unrewarding work. Its almost akin to building your wealth around the minute and miniscule chance that you will win the lottery. Your chances are slim. Qualify your prospects to increase your chances of success.

In qualifying your prospects, you must research more about them. Find out who they are, what they do and even what they own or have. Find out what they need and above all confirm or make sure that your product or service is a good fit for them. When you have that figured out confirm that they have the capacity to invest in your solution to their need or problem.


Qualify your prospects

Not everyone who needs your product has the capacity to buy it. And not everyone who has the capacity to buy it needs it. That is the blunt fact of sales.

Two secrets of sales

The first secret is this, “find those in need and find those with quid.” The second secret and most important is to findo those who want what you are selling. People will always buy what they want.

There is no substitute for a hungry market

When I sold solar solutions for example I found this paradox,  I sold to the people who wanted solar and those who needed it couldn’t afford it.

If you would grow any skill in business learn to sell.

By Chief Copywriter


Aubrey Mavhuli

Four levels of product description you should know before you write your marketing copy?

Let’s get this straight. Most marketers know that your copy has to have features and benefits. Most marketers know that features will be emphasized in business to business b to b marketing while benefits are in business to consumer b to c.

Every marketer’s dream is that their marketing may be effective. A knowledge of the four elements does help in a big way in writing great marketing copy.

The four levels of product description you should know before you write marketing copy are :


Physical description of the product is a feature such as a car’s power, speed and leather seats. A feature can be a great selling point.


This is the point of differentiation of a product. This is a feature unique to the product and not found in competitor’s products. An advantage clearly sells your USP or unique selling point.


The benefits of a product is simply what the product does for the prospect. With a benefit the prospect or customer literally benefits from the product. For example a solar geyser benefit maybe it saves money .

Ultimate benefits

This has been dubbed the “benefit of the benefit”. This is obtained by weighing benefits of a product and identifying the most beneficial one. Some of the ultimate benefits may include pleasure, joy, peace of mind, security, self esteem etc. A Volvo’s ultimate benefit might include safety.

Chief Copywriter of Super value copy

Aubrey Mavhuli

How email marketing is often done wrong

Success aint cheap.

Of late I have been learning a lot on success either intentionally as well as unintentionally . One lesson keeps on coming over and over again, that success is hard work. Success is not for free. Success is hard, hard work, it’s much harder than prison hard labour. The statistics are clear more people finish jail sentence than those that succeed.  If success was easy, if it was cheaper more people would succeed.

Well I am not writing on success per se, but on email marketing.

I once sold solar solutions for a living. I saw the opportunity for solar and jumped right into it. It was both fun and quite often no fun.  One marketing tactic I tried to employ was email marketing. At that time email marketing failed because I was not prepared for its success. When you are ready for success in anything you prepare. Like I said I had jumped  into the solar business with some disastrous statistics on email marketing initially.

My mistakes were clear I had made an assumption that so many entrepreneurs and marketers make. If you had a great product and you made a couple of emails and sent them all, it was going to be easy. I found out the hard way it wasn’t easy Igot no response for my marketing

I found that  success is not a gamble but an investment. Success has to come through investment of time and effort. It was through the investment of my time and effort that i found what could make email marketing work.

Listed below are some of the the issues to watch out for your email marketing campaign to work out.

Work on your subject lines to be more enticing to the receiver. You cant be blatantly selling. Your email may be blocked as spam or blatantly ignored and thrown into the electronic bin.Remember the first rule of selling people don’t like to be sold but they like to buy.

Do not send very, very cold emails. Find a a reason for emailing. A warm email has high chance of being considered. A warm email has permission from the e -mailer for emailing.

Have an email marketing strategy in place before you start the campaign. Preparation is the heart of strategy. Preparation is the base of success.

Make your emails personalized not too generic. People want to be recognized and appreciated don’t just say sir or madam they will know you are taking a chance.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copy writer Supervaluecopy

What is the great benefit networking can do for your entrepreneurial business?

Who else wants to reach more prospects with minimal effort and on a shoestring budget? Successful entrepreneurship hinges on doing the best with what you have. All else is commentary.

If you are shy, don’t have a big marketing budget, got no clue about marketing and don’t even like marketing what can you do to reach more prospects with minimal effort? You can learn networking.

Networking stands heads and shoulders above all other forms of marketing simply because true networking builds true relationships. Relationships are the outcomes of successful marketing campaigns. Relations bring forth sales.

The number one reason networking is so effective is you reach people not in a group but one on one.

The tricks of effective networking are simple. Be quick to listen, quick to understand the other person, quick to decipher problems which are opportunities for you or your organisation to offer help or even just advice.

Be positive and optimistic to be a good net worker. Be loaded with ideas and be helpful in order to connect with people. Forget hard sell just connect with people and always be helping others. They will remember you for help more than for the hard sell.

Ilise Benun of The Marketing Mentor describes networking “as an act of proactive generosity.”

The whole idea of networking is to build relationships for business or for referrals.

Hope from here you are ready to take your networking to another level.

By  Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy

Is your website helping your business or killing it or its simply insignificant?

Currently being found on line for a business is not a choice but it’s a must. One way of being visibly online is through a website. But it must be emphasised that not all websites are created equal. If your website is not helping you attain your business goals it is killing you. A website costs money to host and everything else associated with it.

“ I have had a website for a year now but I haven’t reaped the results”. Complained a close friend recently.

This is not an uncommon complaint from entrepreneurs.  A website is like a dream.  A website like they say about a dream, wont work until you do. It can be an online far distant dream.

If you have a website and it’s not helping you reach your business goals start with a website audit. This is a critical step for every entrepreneur and marketer who wants to benefit from his website. Website marketing is a strategy that can reap gold a lot of the times.

First identify the reason for the existence of the website of your business. One typical example outlining the uses of a website is this: Create leads with a website. A lead generation website is a good tactic to employ.

Listed below are the steps taken to audit a website:

  1. Audit the goals of the website
  2. Review the content on your website
  3. Does the content help your website show up in search results achieving the goal of search engine optimisation?
  4. Does your content or copy inform the readers of all they need to know about the company?
  5. Does it make the company stand out from the competition, does your Unique Selling Point stand out on your website?
  6. Does it tell the reader everything about and the products and services the company offers?
  7. Does it compel the reader to buy the company’s services?


Written by Chief Copy writer


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Why should you care what your competition is doing?

Competition is real

Well to be honest business is not like church or ministry. In church you are not allowed to compete. You can’t compare yourself to others. Why, because your call is different. God doesn’t like you to be someone you are not.  But business is no church. The rules are different here. You need to care what your rivals are doing. In business you ignore competition at your own peril.

Does competition matter?

Why should you care? It might be working. It might be getting results. They may be getting big bang for their bucks. If what they are doing works learn from them and improve upon it.


Your competition can be your teacher

Competition is not always bad. If you know how to use them as a classroom. Don’t hate them. Learn from them and copy even. Don’t copy what they are doing copy the tactics and the strategies that work build on them even.

Whatever you learn whatever you hear find out why?

Let’s say they send out marketing copy in a certain way. Find out why? Measure the results. If its working why should you not do the same. There is no copyright for strategies and tactics. But for every good campaign going on there is always room for improvement. Learn and improve. Don’t be a dumb student learn and make better what your competition has made good.

Why else should you care?

The other reason besides knowing what works is so that you can prepare yourself to beat the competition. Your competitor’s copy is often what you have to beat. It might be their sales letter, it might be their advert, their website even, learn in order to beat it.

If you can subscribe to your competitor’s newsletters and emails you may learn a lot for free.

If you are in business you are a student study

Study every marketing offer available in your industry from the competition. Reverse engineer it and strengthen the weak points and keep the good and the excellent bit. There are no marks for creativity in business only for results.
Why should you reinvent the wheel? Sell the wheel. After all are you not in business of selling.

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy

Direct response and B2B copy writer