Are you struggling with marketing and lead generation? Here are 4 copy projects to help your marketing off the ground.

Case Studies

Who doesn’t love a story? We all love a good story don’t we. If you know how to tell a story you can learn how to write a good case study for your business or product.

Story is a great way of selling rendering your prospects’ resistance to sale less potent. A good case study tells a story about how your organisation or product solved a problem for a typical customer or customers. To tell a good story and write a great case study be naturally curious, research your subject and research the product deeply. For a good copywriter this may take you less than a day to write a great case study.

Social Media Copywriting

More business are joining the bandwagon. Social media is hot and it’s a buzz. An active social media presence can build serious engagement with customers and cement customer relations. You can’t be a serious marketer who ignores it. It can become fatal for some business. Success in business involves feeding a hungry market all else is commentary. Smart marketer are using active social media daily to drive traffic to various promotions, communicate sales launch products, and much, much more. A marketer could spend an hour a day responding to comments and posting relevant content for your client. Engagement can be a differentiator.

You can drum up huge business with social media.


Marketers are drumming up big business by simply writing articles for trade magazines. Articles are perceived to be the work of experts in an industry. Write and publish articles and build your status.

Blog posts

Anyone can write blog posts its easy. You can create educational and entertaining content for your prospects. Blogs content comes in all sort of forms such as short and conversational pieces. Be customer centric and helpful. Do you need help with any lead generation and marketing projects ? Contact me for a free proposal. Not sure yet request my Free report on how to create effective adverts.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter  Do you need any great marketing copy professionally written for you?

Contact me for a free proposal. Do you need sales or marketing training give me a shout?


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