Havent you made this marketing mistake before?

Johna came crushing into my office. Excited that he had found a product to sell. His business was soon going to take off. He literally said, ” I will never be broke again!” I chuckled and suspected trouble was coming but i didn’t show any emotion signaling what i really thought.

I asked Johna this question: “who are you targeting?”
“Everyone ” he retorted excited.

Common mistake

Here was Johna making the common mistakes new entrepreneurs make all the time. He  was not the first neither was he the last to make such a marketing mistake. In this post I will show you how this mindset makes marketing impossible.  There is no product that targets everyone. Everyone is not a target market. To catch more you have to narrow down your focus into a small niche.

Qualify your prospects

When marketing anything start off by qualifying your prospects. The first step in marketing is to pick out from the crowd your potential customers. This is called qualifying. Qualifying actually helps you harvest better responses.

Be relevant

Sure the secret of marketing is found in the numbers but not just any numbers but relevant numbers. Without relevance your response is by chance. You are better off with few quality prospects than a billion suspects.

David Garfinkel says this about qualifying in his book Breakthrough Advertising: “Qualifying people is very powerful. Qualifying is knowing who your customer is and who is not your customer. You should know that. Remember, if your market is everyone, then it’s no one.”

Your marketing copy has to qualify the prospects and leads of your market. If it doesn’t do so it wastes your time with ‘sometimes painful’ to have customers.

Locate your customers

The reason qualifying is important is because it locates your customers from the abundance of the earth. Qualifying tells the universe who the product is for versus who its not meant for. Qualified adverts fish out prospects and alienates suspects.

When should you qualify ? You can qualify first with your headline and last with your post script and even anywhere else in between.

Do you have a target market

Not qualifying your customers may be a sign you have no target market. Unfortunately being greedy in that way is a mindset for failed marketing campaigns. It is like shooting into the forest without aiming but hoping to catch whatever is there. Its different from a hunter who knows what game he is seeking. Such a hunter improves his chances by identifying and going after what he is looking for.


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By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief copywriter @Supervaluecopy

B2b and Direct Response copywriter

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