The real secret of sales success is preparation

Sales is not just talent. It’s work. Work means preparation. Every successful sales person knows this. Success follows preparation. Sales is like war; the art of war is preparation. Forget talent it’s overrated. If you want to be a successful sale person learn to be one. Prepare to be one.

Outlined below are some ways to make any sales call successful through preparation:

Notes from lead generation

For your sales success your lead generation should qualify your prospects as much as possible.  The rule of lead generation is this quality beats quantity hands down. Let your lead generation tell you as much important information about the lead as is possible.

When you prepare for your sales encounter use these notes to become relevant and to strike a chord with your prospect. A good lead generation system separates the prospects from the suspects. Prospects according to Jay Abraham is qualified to buy today.  They have a need of what you offer, they want it, and they can afford it. They also have ability to decide immediately to buy. They must be hot users of what you offer.

 Notes from previous encounters

It could also happen that the customer who now happens to be a  prospect was once a previous customer. A good sales person takes notes that could prove very handy for future sales calls to the client.

A good sales person should be ready and prepared for all the stages of a sales call: pre-call, on the call and do a post call analysis.

Do not undermine your own credibility

Lack of preparation undermines your credibility big time. One way of doing this is to ask the prospect on the information that is of public knowledge. Asking a business what they do is not on. This information can be found on the company website and by simply making a simple call.

List of questions

Prepare questions previous customers have asked before.  Prepare questions that could bother your prospect. You could volunteer answers before their questions asked.

Every sales call has a goal

Without preparation you can’t identify what your sales goal is? Every sales call should have goals and objectives. This is something that the call should achieve.

Primary benefit of your service or product

No one wakes and says they should buy from you unless they have a reason. What reason will give your prospects to chose you today? Selling a needed product is not enough. You instead need to answer how your product or service deliver the benefit uniquely.

Prospect’s internal conversation about you

What conversation is the prospect already having in their head? What benefits do they see? What advantages do they see? What is unique about you and your product? Try to predict their reasonable possible feelings about the benefits and lack of. Whatever the prospect believes about you, your product or service may determine whether you make a sale or not. Are you able to make them see otherwise without alienating them?

Pushy sales tactics

Pushy sales tactics do not work all the time because of the nature of the prospect found today. The prospect found today is sophisticated and well informed due to easy availability of information. The prospect is no fool.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

Do you need any great marketing copy professionally written for you? Contact me for a free proposal. Do you need sales or marketing training give me a shout?

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