Sales Decision is a big decision- it’s like marriage

 “ Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the sales man not the attitude of the prospect.” W Clement Stone.

 People like to buy none wants to be sold

People do not like to be sold but they do love to buy. Some, sometimes a little more loving than others. People buy based on feelings and emotions. A sales decision is a heart issue.  However, when the decision has been made in the heart the heart needs backup. A little cheering to confirm that what the heart has just done is right. This is where the head comes in. The buying decision needs to be justified by logic. Logic is of the head it’s in the brain.

People buy what they want

One of the statement often peddled out there is: find a need and fulfill it. There is nothing wrong with that except that people rarely buy what they just need but what they want. I agree that business is all about solving, with solutions the problems of the society. However, whatever the underlying need people will buy whatever they want guided by their need. The need is the root cause but what they want is the decider.

Needs and wants are not the same 

What people need is a head matter. What they want is a heart issue. For an example take a man who needs shelter      (a need). He is moving from one city to another. He could book into a hotel, a lodge, a boarding house or crush with friends and family. Depending on his financial means and financial health he books himself into a hotel. Could any other options fulfill his need for shelter ? Yes, but at the end of the day he buys what he wants prompted by his underlying need.

The buying decision is like any other decision we make in life. Most decisions we make are to earn or to preserve other’s respect. We love attention don’t we? Humans are attention seeking animals. We yearn and long for it.

Acknowledging that a sales decision is an enormous decision in the heart of the buyer, I have likened it to marriage.  This is especially true if the buyer is buying something that costs a lot to them.

For the seller this analogy is essential to get the sales process right. Successful sales process is not an event it is not akin to a one night stand it is a relationship issue. Just like marriage.

Sales is a marriage not a one night stand

No one marries anyone on the day they met except on tv nowadays of course. For a man who wants to be married they have to identify the person they want to marry. They have to approach that person and initiate a relationship. The man might invite the lady for a movie date or dinner or whatever date they think or feel the lady would like. They go for several dates  and get to know the intended bride. They spend enough time, it might be months or years dating and in courtship. Only when they have increased their chances of a yes to their marriage proposal do they then pop the question.

Increase your sales luck

Is there any guarantees, of course not. But this is how it works most of the time. The chances of a yes to a suitor’s proposal after dating may rise to the nineties after a relationship. In between the dates the suitor is giving and giving before the big ask.

Sales is relationships

Sales is like marriage, because sales is relationships. People don’t marry people they don’t like. People don’t marry strangers. Why, because they do not feel confident in them and therefore do not trust them.

This is sales 101: do not rush to ask for the order before you build relationships with your prospects. Relationships are built by understanding, trust and an acquaintance with one another.

Keep in touch

Even when your first contact looks unfruitful. Do not go away and fail to keep contact then suddenly appear later to ask for an order. It is like a man who meets a lady, introduces himself then only suddenly comes to ask for marriage after 5 years of absence and no relating.  If in the years in between there was no contact and therefore no relationship it does not work. It does not work for marriage it doesn’t work for business.

There is apprehension either sides of the big decision

I have watched wedding programmes where the bride or the groom are asked how they feel just before the wedding and they often say they are apprehensive. The size of their decision may be responsible for the feeling. A buying decision because it’s a big decision may be accompanied by regret. It is the seller’s responsibility both before the decision is made and afterwards to reinforce that the decision to be and taken is the right one.

What are some of the sales challenges you have faced? Comment below.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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