Are your sales low check  how well you excel in prospecting?

The secret is out when it comes to selling. Selling is a skill. Like all skills it is greatly learnable.  Tom Hopkins says of selling,

“ I learned a long time ago that selling is the highest paid hard-work and the lowest paid easy work…”

The greatest fallacy out there is that talent is all you need. Talent is hard work. Talent is practice. Talent is attitude. Defined that way talent becomes everything, any other way, it’s a great fallacy. A great deception.

To be successful in sales like in all disciplines, grasp the fundamentals.

There are 7 fundamentals to selling that all the sales gurus like Brian Tracy, zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins have taught for decades. Today I want to talk about the first one.


Prospecting can be a scary thing to do.  But there are clever ways of doing it. Are you a “pest or a welcome guest” as Dany Kennedy says. Prospecting is simply the art of opening new relations with the right profiles of people who need your services today or in future. This is not a yearly thing. It should be daily task for every sales person.

First things first

Know your target prospects. What motivates them to act?  What are their worries about? What are their concerns? Do they have fears do they have hopes and aspirations? What are they? There might be a concern that keeps them up at night. Find it out.

There is no prospect waiting for you to rock up so that you may try to sell them something. The prospect has life of their own. Frankly they don’t care about you. What can you do to get their attention and maybe stand a chance to present something to them?

Inward focussed prospecting

In this manner you are selfishly acting like a pest. When engaging with prospects you are talking non-stop about yourself, your product and how great you are. Mike Halper calls it the “me myself and my company” syndrome. Remember your customer is not some gadget they are human beings with feelings and they get hurt.

Prospect focussed prospecting

This says to the prospect I really care about you. Your pain is my pain. Your frustrations are my frustrations. In this manner of prospecting you are genuinely showing your interest in the prospect. Jay Abraham in his strategy of prominence says: “It boils down to, I am not trying to sell – I want to serve you.”

Successful prospecting

Success in prospecting is because of the sales person committing to it. It doesn’t happen by itself. Success is a deliberate and planned effort. It’s no accident.

Dedicate yourself to finding the right prospects for you

You can’t target everyone. You can’t sell to everyone. If you do not know who you are targeting your prospecting will never be very successful. Even if it is, it can’t be reproducible and repeatable.

Invest time in deciding and determining who exactly fits your target prospects.  Build a prospect’s profile. Your top and best customers might be the right prospect profiles for you. Let their profiles or personas help you in profiling your target customers.

The idea here is to spend your resources time and money on a winning horse.

Former customers can be a source of prospects for your business right now. They may also be ready to buy now.

Identify your prospects

You can’t sell to everyone. Not everyone would want your services. Identify people likely to needing and likely to buy and approach them.

Role of prospecting?

The role of prospecting is twofold: identify the right prospect for you and start relationships with them.

When you go out prospecting have a reason for reaching out and reaching out now and always have a call to action Hub spot says.

The old ways of prospecting.

The old ways of prospecting is to spray your self all over the place to every one who would listen and hope to hit a target. This is a lot of hard work. There is no need for that. There are better ways of prospecting. Enter lead generation tactics.

How has your prospecting been so far? Do you need help?

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

Do you need any great marketing copy professionally written for you? Contact me for a free proposal. Do you need sales or marketing training give me a shout?



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