The six to Be’s of successful and great sales people

The anatomy of a great sales person.

No one is born a great sales person. You have to become one. Success in sales is not a secret held by a few. It is an open secret. Be what other successful sales people have become.

Be empathetic           

Forget what you need. Forget what you want.  Dwell on your customers needs and give them what they want. If you can’t feel what your customer is feeling it is easy to miscommunicate your value. Feel their feelings, in your own head, walk in their shoes for a mile and you will be able to identify with their struggle. Can you predict what your customer is thinking? Get into their minds. Feel their pain. Touch their fears and nail their solutions.

Be a problem solver

Selling is not just about pushing product. It’s sad and its disgusting. I see it all the time. If you have got to sell and have to make the sell really good ask yourself what problem are you solving. Good sales people are outward focussed looking at the customer not at themselves. There has to be a problem if not why else are you here? It’s like research what is the problem that the prospect has that has that you are trying to sell. If there is no wound there is no need for the bandage.  Logic isn’t it.

Be trustworthy

Sales is relationships. The heart of any relationship is trust. Relationships are built on trust. The blood that flows in relationships is trust. Trust is contingent om your ability to deliver as a sales person what you have promised. Don’t break your promise. Do anything but never break your promise. Your promise is your brand. There are thousand competitors but few are trust worthy. A billion people but few worthy of the trust.

Be an effective communicator

Communication is defined by google as “the imparting of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium.”

Communication is not just about talking. It’s more. It matters that you can hold an intelligent conversation, yes. Your body has a language of its own. You better communicate right with the rest of the body. Professor Mehrabian in his 7 % rule argues that communication is 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal (55% body language and 38% tone of voice). Effective communication is not just about conveying a message its about conveying a message but conveying a message that solicits a desired response.

Be passionate

Passion doesn’t lie, at least most of the times. Its is not easy to fake. Fall in love with your problem solver- solution. Believe in it and transfer the enthusiasm.

Picture this you are an evangelist for a community on the verge of being exterminated by a known disease. You know how to save them, but they don’t. You got to communicate the message of salvation and save them. Imagine how urgent and passionate your tone and demeanor would be. That’s passion don’t spoil it, don’t quench it.

Be socially intelligent

Social intelligence is a must for sales people. This includes emotional intelligence as well.  You can be a menace or a bore. Don’t be either. Have the social skills to engage and to connect with your customers at the appropriate level. Your customers if you asked would they be happy to with you or not when they think of spending time with you.

So how do you measure up ? In what way are you becoming a great sales person?

 Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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