If you have a website and nobody can find it do you really have a website?

A website doesn’t work if you dont!

 In today’s world of marketing no tactic can be more important than having a professionally done website. Unfortunately, few people understand how to benefit from owning a website.

I have always told my seminar students and all other clients that a website is not one unless it can be found. Otherwise a secret website is of no marketing value. It is as good as a hidden business card. What good is a business card in your pocket or drawer?

A website as a direct response marketing tool

A website can be a serious branding and marketing tool for your business. It can be used as a strong direct response marketing tool. But a website without a proper strategy is without merit. Always give an irresistible offer to your web visitors to do something. Let your call to action be irresistible.

Make your website search Engine Optimized

If your website is not search engine optimized, it may not be found. That helps you not at all. To get the website search engine optimized a copy writer must select keywords and phrases that searchers use when in search of your services or products. The copywriter must craft copy suitable and intelligible for customers as well as that which attracts the attention of the search engines.

Google is one of the most popular search engines but it’s not the only one.  Without the right keywords a website will not be found when searched for. Search engines do not charge for this kind of service. It is called organic listing.

Once a website is search optimised for the suitable phrases and key words it can be found through searches on search engines.

Organic listing to first page of a search engine is gold. It takes hard work and strategy but it’s worth it. Moneywise it is not paid for apart from the copywriting and consultation fees. It is reported that more than 80% of searchers end at page 1 and 2 of the search engine. If your website is on page 8 it may be as good as it does not exist.

When can a website be found

When a website has graduated to the first page of google or any other search engine it can be found. Once it’s found let it create regular traffic to itself. Use valuable content and offers to do that.

Tactics to create traffic to the website

Advertise your webpage on social media, on your emails and even on business cards and catalogues. Encourage your prospects and customers to visit your website. Give them a reason to visit the website and don’t disappoint. Run a competition or sweepstakes to drive traffic onto your website. Create valuable content regularly and without fail. Traffic also helps you with your goal of being visible to the search engines and to the searchers in your niche.

Traffic is good, but subscribers are better

After regular traffic convert the visitors into subscribers.  If you build traffic and you do not make them into subscribers, you are leaving money on the home page.

Subscribers are gold. They are serious leads that you can market to at any time. Once you have subscribers craft sales emails to market and sell to them.

Reason for SEO

How does a SEO copywriter and expert help you?

You have got a website but not reaping the benefits? What can you do to get to your goal? Find an SEO expert or copywriter to:

  • Develop a keyword and phrase strategy for you
  • Create SE optimised content regularly
  • Revise content to target keywords and phrases
  • Drive traffic through any means necessary
  • Create online videos and podcasts

Hope this helps you understand a bit, this complex subject of using a website as a marketing tool.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy.com

Do you need any marketing copy professionally written for you? Contact me for a free proposal. Do you need sales or marketing training give me a shout?

Phone: +27733250405 Email:rethlonte@gmail.com

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