7 Essential secrets of crafting effective marketing copy


Copy is king

One entrepreneur asked me this question last year, “If I have to get one thing absolutely right in my marketing efforts what is it”. I thought for a while before I answered him.

“Your copy must be absolutely right.” Your copy is the key that does the magic for your marketing plan. Get it wrong at your own peril. This assumes of course that the target market is known and is right.

According to Neil Patel of http://www.neilpatel.com social media content constituted 83% and 90% of tactics used by B2b and B2c marketers, respectively. If you are not using content marketing, you might as well be leaving in the dark ages of online marketing.

Copy has become king in the marketing jungle. I do admit however that getting your copy right is no easy task. There are essential secrets that contribute towards writing great copy for your market.

Find 7 essential secrets to writing effective copy as listed below:

The headline

The headline is a copywriter’s first opportunity to make the best first impression. Do not blow it. Forget fancy headlines. The aim of the effective copy is not to amuse or be witty but to solicit action. A great headline solves the client’s problem, delivers a desired action and out rightly promises a benefit to the client.  Such a headline stands a chance to be noticed.

Forget masses of clients. Let your copy speak to only one customer. If your copy speaks to multitudes, it might not move any. Speak to an individual the role of a master copywriter is to craft a message that speak to prospects one on one. A master copy writer is a painter, who paints a picture  with words through stories, and testimonials.

Helpful information

A great copywriter is an effective copywriter. The copywriter guides prospects reading through a user friendly  format or structure.

Unique Selling Proposition

Your effective copy has to set you apart from the rest. If the copy does not show and prove that you are set apart from the rest your copy is not selling probably just informing. A good USP explains why not choosing your business or you is a loss to the prospect.

Call to action

If your copy does not have a call to action, it isn’t selling. Not selling isn’t so effective. Hold your prospect by the hand and say, “order this, download this special report etc”.

Search Engine Optimisation

For online copy material  Search Engine Optimisation keywords are key. Let your copy not be devoid of the Search Engine Optimisation key words.

Appropriate Design

The content design should not undo the work of the copy. If the design is unattractive a headline even may not be ready. The colours must just complement the message and tone of voice in the copy.

Hoping this helps you with your journey to write effective copy.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter of Supervaluecopy.com

Do you need any marketing copy professionally written for you? Contact me for a free proposal. Do you need sales or marketing training give me a shout? rethlonte@gmail.com

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