Why Cold calling is Hard Work and Rarely Works?


Are there people that are successful with cold calling? Of-course they are, but as  you can guess, I am not one of them.

Definition of term

Cold calling as defined by Google is when a seller “makes an unsolicited visit or telephone call to (someone), in an attempt to sell goods or services.”

Cold calling breaks the fundamental rule of selling. Which is people do not like to be sold. They like to buy yes, but to be sold, nah.

Just imagine getting into a shop and an overzealous assistant jumps into your face and asks, ” Can i help you?” How does it feel? Terrible isn’t it?

Disadvantages of Cold Calling

It’s pretty hard work

You have to make too many calls before you get lucky. You get more frustrated than you get lucky. It consumes your time in a huge way with less results. One rule of life is you get paid for results which is value not effort. Cold calling is less result but more effort. For the bulk of people cold calling makes you poor. It may as well waste your time and even money. Not just poor, but poor and frustrated. We are built to succeed and failure frustrates us big time. Few people take kindly to lack of success.

Cold calling gives no impression that you are successful or established in your niche

Picture this: successful people are followed by many. They attract customers big time. When you do cold calling you are often exposing yourself as an unwanted pest in your niche. Dan Kennedy says you are better of a welcome guest than an unwelcome pest.

Cold calling weakens your negotiating power

When you give no impression that you are successful you weaken your negotiating power. Your clever prospects will take advantage of you. They suspect you are broke and might take anything. They will negotiate the terms of your deal. This might give the impression that you are offering a commodity which is dime a dozen.

Its like asking for marriage on the first date

Cold calling feels queer. Remember sales is a big decision. It often feels like marriage and no one wants to be proposed to for marriage on the first date. Sales is a culmination of a successful relationship, a business relationship. With cold calling there is no relationship and therefore no trust. Trust is a huge issue in relationships just like in sales.

Cold calling success rate is outrageously low

Cold calling quite often feels like spraying bullets in the dark hoping you may hit some target. The success rate is not very exciting.

How to do cold calling with less pain

Can cold calling be done with less pain?  The easiest way is to outsource the activity. Let someone or some other organisation do it. Negotiate to pay for the results not the effort. If you pay for the effort you will sure run dry.

Can any good come out of cold calling?

If you are young and want to build self esteem try cold calling. I absolutely recommend it. You will be rejected that’s for sure but you can come out self confident and having no issues with self confidence and esteem for sure. Quite often successful people have reserves of resilience due to many failures and frustrations endured before hand.

Smarter cold calling

There is however a smarter way of cold calling. This consists of giving a “sweet” or some “candy” to your prospect that gives you a basis for followup. You could cut out or forward a good article or checklist to your prospect that they find valuable then followup on what you have sent them. This call is really less cold than if there was no history.

How to avoid cold calling but still attract prospects?

Now that we spoke about cold calling how can you avoid cold calling and still attract prospects? The best way of avoiding cold calling is to become a perceived expert. Perception I should add is everything. Be careful how you are perceived. When you are perceived as an expert you are sought out and sought after. If the prospects seek you out they will pay what you ask for.

To create the expert perception become one. Experts teach, guide and show others the way.  Write books on your niche, write special reports or white papers. Write articles, in newspapers or niche magazines, create a blog or  a newsletter. Edu-market your prospects they will thank you for it and you will be glad too. Run workshops, seminars, give speeches create videos and podcasts on your expertise and once the perception is right you will never do cold calling again. Even if you did they will be glad you called.

When you create the right perception you have the upper hand. They will pay what you ask of them.

Imagine you have some serious illness that could be fatal. Who do you seek out a GP or a specialist. when you hear of the specialist wont you move mountains to get to their hospital and pay whatever they ask of you.

Its difficult to really claim to be an expert when you are cold calling. The odds are against you.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Whatever your views or experiences on cold calling please leave comments below.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy.com

Do you need any marketing copy professionally written for you? Contact me for a free proposal. Do you need sales or marketing training give me a shout? rethlonte@gmail.com






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