Are you struggling with marketing and lead generation? Here are 4 copy projects to help your marketing off the ground.

Case Studies

Who doesn’t love a story? We all love a good story don’t we. If you know how to tell a story you can learn how to write a good case study for your business or product.

Story is a great way of selling rendering your prospects’ resistance to sale less potent. A good case study tells a story about how your organisation or product solved a problem for a typical customer or customers. To tell a good story and write a great case study be naturally curious, research your subject and research the product deeply. For a good copywriter this may take you less than a day to write a great case study.

Social Media Copywriting

More business are joining the bandwagon. Social media is hot and it’s a buzz. An active social media presence can build serious engagement with customers and cement customer relations. You can’t be a serious marketer who ignores it. It can become fatal for some business. Success in business involves feeding a hungry market all else is commentary. Smart marketer are using active social media daily to drive traffic to various promotions, communicate sales launch products, and much, much more. A marketer could spend an hour a day responding to comments and posting relevant content for your client. Engagement can be a differentiator.

You can drum up huge business with social media.


Marketers are drumming up big business by simply writing articles for trade magazines. Articles are perceived to be the work of experts in an industry. Write and publish articles and build your status.

Blog posts

Anyone can write blog posts its easy. You can create educational and entertaining content for your prospects. Blogs content comes in all sort of forms such as short and conversational pieces. Be customer centric and helpful. Do you need help with any lead generation and marketing projects ? Contact me for a free proposal. Not sure yet request my Free report on how to create effective adverts.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter  Do you need any great marketing copy professionally written for you?

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Havent you made this marketing mistake before?

Johna came crushing into my office. Excited that he had found a product to sell. His business was soon going to take off. He literally said, ” I will never be broke again!” I chuckled and suspected trouble was coming but i didn’t show any emotion signaling what i really thought.

I asked Johna this question: “who are you targeting?”
“Everyone ” he retorted excited.

Common mistake

Here was Johna making the common mistakes new entrepreneurs make all the time. He  was not the first neither was he the last to make such a marketing mistake. In this post I will show you how this mindset makes marketing impossible.  There is no product that targets everyone. Everyone is not a target market. To catch more you have to narrow down your focus into a small niche.

Qualify your prospects

When marketing anything start off by qualifying your prospects. The first step in marketing is to pick out from the crowd your potential customers. This is called qualifying. Qualifying actually helps you harvest better responses.

Be relevant

Sure the secret of marketing is found in the numbers but not just any numbers but relevant numbers. Without relevance your response is by chance. You are better off with few quality prospects than a billion suspects.

David Garfinkel says this about qualifying in his book Breakthrough Advertising: “Qualifying people is very powerful. Qualifying is knowing who your customer is and who is not your customer. You should know that. Remember, if your market is everyone, then it’s no one.”

Your marketing copy has to qualify the prospects and leads of your market. If it doesn’t do so it wastes your time with ‘sometimes painful’ to have customers.

Locate your customers

The reason qualifying is important is because it locates your customers from the abundance of the earth. Qualifying tells the universe who the product is for versus who its not meant for. Qualified adverts fish out prospects and alienates suspects.

When should you qualify ? You can qualify first with your headline and last with your post script and even anywhere else in between.

Do you have a target market

Not qualifying your customers may be a sign you have no target market. Unfortunately being greedy in that way is a mindset for failed marketing campaigns. It is like shooting into the forest without aiming but hoping to catch whatever is there. Its different from a hunter who knows what game he is seeking. Such a hunter improves his chances by identifying and going after what he is looking for.


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By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief copywriter @Supervaluecopy

B2b and Direct Response copywriter

The real secret of sales success is preparation

Sales is not just talent. It’s work. Work means preparation. Every successful sales person knows this. Success follows preparation. Sales is like war; the art of war is preparation. Forget talent it’s overrated. If you want to be a successful sale person learn to be one. Prepare to be one.

Outlined below are some ways to make any sales call successful through preparation:

Notes from lead generation

For your sales success your lead generation should qualify your prospects as much as possible.  The rule of lead generation is this quality beats quantity hands down. Let your lead generation tell you as much important information about the lead as is possible.

When you prepare for your sales encounter use these notes to become relevant and to strike a chord with your prospect. A good lead generation system separates the prospects from the suspects. Prospects according to Jay Abraham is qualified to buy today.  They have a need of what you offer, they want it, and they can afford it. They also have ability to decide immediately to buy. They must be hot users of what you offer.

 Notes from previous encounters

It could also happen that the customer who now happens to be a  prospect was once a previous customer. A good sales person takes notes that could prove very handy for future sales calls to the client.

A good sales person should be ready and prepared for all the stages of a sales call: pre-call, on the call and do a post call analysis.

Do not undermine your own credibility

Lack of preparation undermines your credibility big time. One way of doing this is to ask the prospect on the information that is of public knowledge. Asking a business what they do is not on. This information can be found on the company website and by simply making a simple call.

List of questions

Prepare questions previous customers have asked before.  Prepare questions that could bother your prospect. You could volunteer answers before their questions asked.

Every sales call has a goal

Without preparation you can’t identify what your sales goal is? Every sales call should have goals and objectives. This is something that the call should achieve.

Primary benefit of your service or product

No one wakes and says they should buy from you unless they have a reason. What reason will give your prospects to chose you today? Selling a needed product is not enough. You instead need to answer how your product or service deliver the benefit uniquely.

Prospect’s internal conversation about you

What conversation is the prospect already having in their head? What benefits do they see? What advantages do they see? What is unique about you and your product? Try to predict their reasonable possible feelings about the benefits and lack of. Whatever the prospect believes about you, your product or service may determine whether you make a sale or not. Are you able to make them see otherwise without alienating them?

Pushy sales tactics

Pushy sales tactics do not work all the time because of the nature of the prospect found today. The prospect found today is sophisticated and well informed due to easy availability of information. The prospect is no fool.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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How do you know if your website is geared to help your business grow and make money?

A website can be a good, marketing, branding and sales tool but also a terrible master. Quite often I have met young entrepreneurs excited about having websites for their businesses. These young entrepreneurs I have often cautioned them, that a website is not an end to itself but a means to a business goal.

When you decide to have a website which by the way is a must for you. You must know what to look for to have an effective website.

What are the three parts and aspects of a website that determine if it’s adding value for you?

Speed of loading

A slow loading website is frustrating and might kick prospects out of the buying mood or mood to be sold.

Graphic and web design of the site

A bad design is bad news for your brand.  Create trust with your designs on the website.

The copy on the website

The copy is the sales person for your website. That sales person better live up to the job.

What should your website copy do for you?

  1. Very important your copy should make your website show up in search engines search results.
  2. Your copy should tell the reader all they need to know about your business or organisation.
  3. Your copy should make your company or organisation stand out from the competition.
  4. Your website copy should tell all to the reader about products and services the organisation offers
  5. Your copy should compel the reader to buy the company’s services.

Common website mistakes

Listed below are some of the website mistakes that many entrepreneurs make on their websites.

  1. Failure to tell the people exactly what to do next and where to click.
  2. Vagueness and confusion in sales pages
  3. Jumbled navigation menus.
  4. Poorly written content
  5. Poor headlines that fail to grab attention
  6. Forgetting to include street location and all contact details such as phone numbers on your website.

What should a good website audit do for you?

To fix all the mistakes and identify all the opportunities for improvement on the website a good website audit should be performed. If the entrepreneur can’t do it a good copywriter should be found.

Identify the need for new pages as well as revisions to existing pages.

Identify opportunities for building traffic, for optimizing search engines, creating subscribers and capturing leads.

What are some of the website drama you have witnessed?


Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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Sales Decision is a big decision- it’s like marriage

 “ Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the sales man not the attitude of the prospect.” W Clement Stone.

 People like to buy none wants to be sold

People do not like to be sold but they do love to buy. Some, sometimes a little more loving than others. People buy based on feelings and emotions. A sales decision is a heart issue.  However, when the decision has been made in the heart the heart needs backup. A little cheering to confirm that what the heart has just done is right. This is where the head comes in. The buying decision needs to be justified by logic. Logic is of the head it’s in the brain.

People buy what they want

One of the statement often peddled out there is: find a need and fulfill it. There is nothing wrong with that except that people rarely buy what they just need but what they want. I agree that business is all about solving, with solutions the problems of the society. However, whatever the underlying need people will buy whatever they want guided by their need. The need is the root cause but what they want is the decider.

Needs and wants are not the same 

What people need is a head matter. What they want is a heart issue. For an example take a man who needs shelter      (a need). He is moving from one city to another. He could book into a hotel, a lodge, a boarding house or crush with friends and family. Depending on his financial means and financial health he books himself into a hotel. Could any other options fulfill his need for shelter ? Yes, but at the end of the day he buys what he wants prompted by his underlying need.

The buying decision is like any other decision we make in life. Most decisions we make are to earn or to preserve other’s respect. We love attention don’t we? Humans are attention seeking animals. We yearn and long for it.

Acknowledging that a sales decision is an enormous decision in the heart of the buyer, I have likened it to marriage.  This is especially true if the buyer is buying something that costs a lot to them.

For the seller this analogy is essential to get the sales process right. Successful sales process is not an event it is not akin to a one night stand it is a relationship issue. Just like marriage.

Sales is a marriage not a one night stand

No one marries anyone on the day they met except on tv nowadays of course. For a man who wants to be married they have to identify the person they want to marry. They have to approach that person and initiate a relationship. The man might invite the lady for a movie date or dinner or whatever date they think or feel the lady would like. They go for several dates  and get to know the intended bride. They spend enough time, it might be months or years dating and in courtship. Only when they have increased their chances of a yes to their marriage proposal do they then pop the question.

Increase your sales luck

Is there any guarantees, of course not. But this is how it works most of the time. The chances of a yes to a suitor’s proposal after dating may rise to the nineties after a relationship. In between the dates the suitor is giving and giving before the big ask.

Sales is relationships

Sales is like marriage, because sales is relationships. People don’t marry people they don’t like. People don’t marry strangers. Why, because they do not feel confident in them and therefore do not trust them.

This is sales 101: do not rush to ask for the order before you build relationships with your prospects. Relationships are built by understanding, trust and an acquaintance with one another.

Keep in touch

Even when your first contact looks unfruitful. Do not go away and fail to keep contact then suddenly appear later to ask for an order. It is like a man who meets a lady, introduces himself then only suddenly comes to ask for marriage after 5 years of absence and no relating.  If in the years in between there was no contact and therefore no relationship it does not work. It does not work for marriage it doesn’t work for business.

There is apprehension either sides of the big decision

I have watched wedding programmes where the bride or the groom are asked how they feel just before the wedding and they often say they are apprehensive. The size of their decision may be responsible for the feeling. A buying decision because it’s a big decision may be accompanied by regret. It is the seller’s responsibility both before the decision is made and afterwards to reinforce that the decision to be and taken is the right one.

What are some of the sales challenges you have faced? Comment below.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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Are your sales low check  how well you excel in prospecting?

The secret is out when it comes to selling. Selling is a skill. Like all skills it is greatly learnable.  Tom Hopkins says of selling,

“ I learned a long time ago that selling is the highest paid hard-work and the lowest paid easy work…”

The greatest fallacy out there is that talent is all you need. Talent is hard work. Talent is practice. Talent is attitude. Defined that way talent becomes everything, any other way, it’s a great fallacy. A great deception.

To be successful in sales like in all disciplines, grasp the fundamentals.

There are 7 fundamentals to selling that all the sales gurus like Brian Tracy, zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins have taught for decades. Today I want to talk about the first one.


Prospecting can be a scary thing to do.  But there are clever ways of doing it. Are you a “pest or a welcome guest” as Dany Kennedy says. Prospecting is simply the art of opening new relations with the right profiles of people who need your services today or in future. This is not a yearly thing. It should be daily task for every sales person.

First things first

Know your target prospects. What motivates them to act?  What are their worries about? What are their concerns? Do they have fears do they have hopes and aspirations? What are they? There might be a concern that keeps them up at night. Find it out.

There is no prospect waiting for you to rock up so that you may try to sell them something. The prospect has life of their own. Frankly they don’t care about you. What can you do to get their attention and maybe stand a chance to present something to them?

Inward focussed prospecting

In this manner you are selfishly acting like a pest. When engaging with prospects you are talking non-stop about yourself, your product and how great you are. Mike Halper calls it the “me myself and my company” syndrome. Remember your customer is not some gadget they are human beings with feelings and they get hurt.

Prospect focussed prospecting

This says to the prospect I really care about you. Your pain is my pain. Your frustrations are my frustrations. In this manner of prospecting you are genuinely showing your interest in the prospect. Jay Abraham in his strategy of prominence says: “It boils down to, I am not trying to sell – I want to serve you.”

Successful prospecting

Success in prospecting is because of the sales person committing to it. It doesn’t happen by itself. Success is a deliberate and planned effort. It’s no accident.

Dedicate yourself to finding the right prospects for you

You can’t target everyone. You can’t sell to everyone. If you do not know who you are targeting your prospecting will never be very successful. Even if it is, it can’t be reproducible and repeatable.

Invest time in deciding and determining who exactly fits your target prospects.  Build a prospect’s profile. Your top and best customers might be the right prospect profiles for you. Let their profiles or personas help you in profiling your target customers.

The idea here is to spend your resources time and money on a winning horse.

Former customers can be a source of prospects for your business right now. They may also be ready to buy now.

Identify your prospects

You can’t sell to everyone. Not everyone would want your services. Identify people likely to needing and likely to buy and approach them.

Role of prospecting?

The role of prospecting is twofold: identify the right prospect for you and start relationships with them.

When you go out prospecting have a reason for reaching out and reaching out now and always have a call to action Hub spot says.

The old ways of prospecting.

The old ways of prospecting is to spray your self all over the place to every one who would listen and hope to hit a target. This is a lot of hard work. There is no need for that. There are better ways of prospecting. Enter lead generation tactics.

How has your prospecting been so far? Do you need help?

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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The six to Be’s of successful and great sales people

The anatomy of a great sales person.

No one is born a great sales person. You have to become one. Success in sales is not a secret held by a few. It is an open secret. Be what other successful sales people have become.

Be empathetic           

Forget what you need. Forget what you want.  Dwell on your customers needs and give them what they want. If you can’t feel what your customer is feeling it is easy to miscommunicate your value. Feel their feelings, in your own head, walk in their shoes for a mile and you will be able to identify with their struggle. Can you predict what your customer is thinking? Get into their minds. Feel their pain. Touch their fears and nail their solutions.

Be a problem solver

Selling is not just about pushing product. It’s sad and its disgusting. I see it all the time. If you have got to sell and have to make the sell really good ask yourself what problem are you solving. Good sales people are outward focussed looking at the customer not at themselves. There has to be a problem if not why else are you here? It’s like research what is the problem that the prospect has that has that you are trying to sell. If there is no wound there is no need for the bandage.  Logic isn’t it.

Be trustworthy

Sales is relationships. The heart of any relationship is trust. Relationships are built on trust. The blood that flows in relationships is trust. Trust is contingent om your ability to deliver as a sales person what you have promised. Don’t break your promise. Do anything but never break your promise. Your promise is your brand. There are thousand competitors but few are trust worthy. A billion people but few worthy of the trust.

Be an effective communicator

Communication is defined by google as “the imparting of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium.”

Communication is not just about talking. It’s more. It matters that you can hold an intelligent conversation, yes. Your body has a language of its own. You better communicate right with the rest of the body. Professor Mehrabian in his 7 % rule argues that communication is 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal (55% body language and 38% tone of voice). Effective communication is not just about conveying a message its about conveying a message but conveying a message that solicits a desired response.

Be passionate

Passion doesn’t lie, at least most of the times. Its is not easy to fake. Fall in love with your problem solver- solution. Believe in it and transfer the enthusiasm.

Picture this you are an evangelist for a community on the verge of being exterminated by a known disease. You know how to save them, but they don’t. You got to communicate the message of salvation and save them. Imagine how urgent and passionate your tone and demeanor would be. That’s passion don’t spoil it, don’t quench it.

Be socially intelligent

Social intelligence is a must for sales people. This includes emotional intelligence as well.  You can be a menace or a bore. Don’t be either. Have the social skills to engage and to connect with your customers at the appropriate level. Your customers if you asked would they be happy to with you or not when they think of spending time with you.

So how do you measure up ? In what way are you becoming a great sales person?

 Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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