Could your business benefit from a case study article?

  • Who doesn’t like a good story?

Stories command a lot of respect every where. Whether in marketing selling or in life. People love a good story.

The story in your business could further your marketing agenda without a doubt. All you need is to learn how to write up a good case study for your business.


A good case story outlines a typical customer’s problem. It explains how and why it came about. It illustrates the unfortunate consequences of the highlighted problem.


A good case story shows the solutions that were considered, tried, tested and evaluated. It explains the results obtained what finally worked. It explains how the solution was arrived at and how it was implemented.


A good case story shows how the problem was solved and cleared up. It further compares the before solution and the latest now situation clearly showing the improvement since the solution was implemented.


The case story should guide others with similar problems with when and how they should apply the solution to get the same results.

Learning points

What lessons can be drawn on the reliability and performance of the solution from those that have used it.


The conclusion should clearly outline why the product or service worked so well. It should further explain why the story could have been better or worse.

Case studies have the advantage of being credible as an outsider in a company endorses the product or service being marketed.

Do you want a beautiful captivating case story written for your business? Contact me.

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Aubrey Mavhuli

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