5 things your customers and prospects want to hear from you

Solutions to their problems

When I grew up there was this notion that if you were talkative you were a good sales person. But that is not always true. Your prospects are actually looking for a good listener. They need you to talk about solutions to their problems, needs and wants. Let the talk about yourself be less and let it be more about what they need or want.

Genuine care

They need to see that you genuinely care about the issues that keep them up at night. Show genuine interest in their problems and challenges.

Speak their language use their jargon

Imagine selling lead generation services to webmasters yet you can’t speak their jargon hence you can’t identify with them.

Be professional 

They want professionalism from their service provider.

If you do not have structure and order in your business few customers wI’ll care about your business. Whatever you do be professional show professionalism as well.


Whatever you do seek to understand your prospects and improve knowledge on customers to help you become an effective marketer.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy.com

Direct response and B2B Copywriting











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