Three lessons the bible teaches about selling

Give and it shall be given back

I do not in any way regard myself as a bible scholar of note. As a Christian I find wisdom plenty of in my bible studies. As I researched this post I found myself drawing parallels to what the bible actually teaches and how the lessons are so relevant to sales and marketing.

I am not saying the three are the only ones in the bible. They could be more but they are the only ones that could come to mind quick enough for this post.

In the book of Luke it says, give and it shall be given back a certain measure pressed down and running over …

I have learnt that for a successful sales transaction to take place when you are selling priced products like assets, a sale is rarely a decision of a once off encounter. The seller has to give and give before getting the sale. It is like the seller is dating a prospect where the suitor gives until he has enough confidence culminating  in a marriage.  Just note also that it’s rare except in the movies and a few cultures do strangers marry strangers.

A relationship has to be built before a proposal is made. The suitor has to give and give before the proposal is acceptable to the bride.

Treat a sale of a priced asset the same way and your sales may improve.

Knock and the door shall be opened 

With marketing as with sales success is rarely instant neither is it always certain. Many doors need bold knuckles that persist to knock without giving up. If you give up too early, success may elude you. Knock and knock without getting weary. Persistence pays off. Presistance means follow up and follow through on your leads as well as your prospects.

Ask and you shall receive

Quite often untrained sales people make this fatal mistake. They have no system or boldness to ask for the order.  If you have done all the difficult  work and given as you ought, knocked persitently as you should why not ask for the order?

Are you learning sales and marketing from your Bible?

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

Direct response and B2B Copywriting









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