Are you tired of email marketing that brings no results?

Email as a marketing tool 

Technology is a marketing tool. But like all tools it can be a terrible master or a great servant if you know how to use it.

I once met a man almost towards the end of his tether so he said. He had tried everything to makert his busines and product so he said but his marketing was paying no return. I had an interesting discussion with him.

This is what I told him. There are 4 rules I have observed in B2B email marketing.

B2B email marketing 101

Rule 1

B2B email prospects readily open emails from a source they recognise or trust. Whatever you do in B2B marketing work at creating relationships with your prospects. The most common way is through content or education marketing. Attract them to subscribe to your blog or content channel.


Rule 2

Do not start with your product or company? Your prospects rarely care about you or your product. Start with the prospect in mind. Afterall it is the prospect’s need or want that drives decision. Research has shown that a change in email subject lines can do wonders for your response. It improves open rates and reading rates?

Rule 3

Guard  your subject line like a hawk

Do not stand on top of the mountain and announce that you are marketing or selling. Why do that don’t forget that the world wants to buy but none wants to be sold.

Rule 4

Don’t rush to propose a sale

For email marketing to work build trust and I mean lots of it. Don’t prematurely propose a sale without building trust. Most people are sceptical to everything online hence my recommendation to build trust.

Learn email marketing and build your business.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copywriter
Direct response and B2B Copywriting



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