You have a great product or service but for some strange reason your product is gathering dust full in your warehouse?

You can’t please everyone 

I once met an entrepreneur who told me he had a brilliant product at least in his eyes, who told me he was making a product for everyone. I knew off the cuff he was somehow deluded.

Stand for something 

Marketing basics requires you to make a choice. The choice in which category you will be found. That specific marketing is called target marketing.

Who is your target market?
If you do not know who you are targeting you might be wasting your dollar on marketing. Your target market means everything for your business. Your target market is the basis for your business. Ignore this at your own peril. Your target market defines the three p’s of the four p’s of marketing known as marketing mix. These are the price, the place and the promotion.


Why you cant target everyone?

The worst form of target marketing is targeting everyone. It’s like trying to kill a flock with one stone, one shot. You may get one or two but that’s about it. Nothing more.

Successful businesses have relationships with their customers 

When you have targeted your prospects you can intimately know about them.

All sales transactions are preceded by fear

Do you know what your prospects’ fears and hopes are in relation to what you offer? What are their dreams? What is their desires? What motivates them to buy from you? Are there concerns with your product or offer you could address? Take away their fear of risk.

Is your product serving a need or want?

Is your product or service an answer to their problem? Is it a need or a want?

Is their current supplier frustrating them if so how so? What can you do differently?

Decide whom to serve

Simply deciding who you are targeting can make a big difference on whether your marketing efforts pay off or not. Every marketing dollar spent needs a profit in return.

Its target marketing or nothing

Target marketing shows your customer you stand for something.
If you are not target marketing you are standing, but well, for nothing. There is a saying that if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. This is not a long term strategy for any business to follow.

When you decide on the niche you serve. You start earning more because you will be perceived as a specialist. Specialists get paid more than generalists.


Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

Writing copy that brings results.

Direct response and B2B Copywriting

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