Three simple aspects that wont cost you a cent that could change your business.

Go back to basics

Sometimes big impacts come from simply going back to the basics. The purpose of a business is to make and keep profitable customers. Basics means understanding those you serve.

Know your customers

It is not strange to find few small business entrepreneurs really know their customers. Yet this is key to their ability to make profit and remain sustainable. It is easier and more palatable to sell to people you know than to push down an offer to strangers.

Every successful transaction hinges on this: the seller knew what the customer wanted and the seller knew the issues that could stop the transaction and had worked on them.

Find out why they buy and when they buy

One way of knowing your customers is also to know what they buy, when and why they buy. If you know what they buy you will be apt with your offer. If you know why and when you will surely meet them at their point if need.

Customer desired shopping experience

Every small business has to figure this out with regards to customers . What is their ideal shopping experience ? If the seller knows what they want, why they buy and when they buy and what shopping experience they want or desire what’s left is to deliver.

Can you accurately answer these questions with regards to your customers?

Sometimes business is like police work you to investigate your customers.


Written by Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copywriter

Direct response and B2B Copywriting

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