Could your business benefit from a case study article?

  • Who doesn’t like a good story?

Stories command a lot of respect every where. Whether in marketing selling or in life. People love a good story.

The story in your business could further your marketing agenda without a doubt. All you need is to learn how to write up a good case study for your business.


A good case story outlines a typical customer’s problem. It explains how and why it came about. It illustrates the unfortunate consequences of the highlighted problem.


A good case story shows the solutions that were considered, tried, tested and evaluated. It explains the results obtained what finally worked. It explains how the solution was arrived at and how it was implemented.


A good case story shows how the problem was solved and cleared up. It further compares the before solution and the latest now situation clearly showing the improvement since the solution was implemented.


The case story should guide others with similar problems with when and how they should apply the solution to get the same results.

Learning points

What lessons can be drawn on the reliability and performance of the solution from those that have used it.


The conclusion should clearly outline why the product or service worked so well. It should further explain why the story could have been better or worse.

Case studies have the advantage of being credible as an outsider in a company endorses the product or service being marketed.

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5 things your customers and prospects want to hear from you

Solutions to their problems

When I grew up there was this notion that if you were talkative you were a good sales person. But that is not always true. Your prospects are actually looking for a good listener. They need you to talk about solutions to their problems, needs and wants. Let the talk about yourself be less and let it be more about what they need or want.

Genuine care

They need to see that you genuinely care about the issues that keep them up at night. Show genuine interest in their problems and challenges.

Speak their language use their jargon

Imagine selling lead generation services to webmasters yet you can’t speak their jargon hence you can’t identify with them.

Be professional 

They want professionalism from their service provider.

If you do not have structure and order in your business few customers wI’ll care about your business. Whatever you do be professional show professionalism as well.


Whatever you do seek to understand your prospects and improve knowledge on customers to help you become an effective marketer.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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Three lessons the bible teaches about selling

Give and it shall be given back

I do not in any way regard myself as a bible scholar of note. As a Christian I find wisdom plenty of in my bible studies. As I researched this post I found myself drawing parallels to what the bible actually teaches and how the lessons are so relevant to sales and marketing.

I am not saying the three are the only ones in the bible. They could be more but they are the only ones that could come to mind quick enough for this post.

In the book of Luke it says, give and it shall be given back a certain measure pressed down and running over …

I have learnt that for a successful sales transaction to take place when you are selling priced products like assets, a sale is rarely a decision of a once off encounter. The seller has to give and give before getting the sale. It is like the seller is dating a prospect where the suitor gives until he has enough confidence culminating  in a marriage.  Just note also that it’s rare except in the movies and a few cultures do strangers marry strangers.

A relationship has to be built before a proposal is made. The suitor has to give and give before the proposal is acceptable to the bride.

Treat a sale of a priced asset the same way and your sales may improve.

Knock and the door shall be opened 

With marketing as with sales success is rarely instant neither is it always certain. Many doors need bold knuckles that persist to knock without giving up. If you give up too early, success may elude you. Knock and knock without getting weary. Persistence pays off. Presistance means follow up and follow through on your leads as well as your prospects.

Ask and you shall receive

Quite often untrained sales people make this fatal mistake. They have no system or boldness to ask for the order.  If you have done all the difficult  work and given as you ought, knocked persitently as you should why not ask for the order?

Are you learning sales and marketing from your Bible?

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

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Are you tired of email marketing that brings no results?

Email as a marketing tool 

Technology is a marketing tool. But like all tools it can be a terrible master or a great servant if you know how to use it.

I once met a man almost towards the end of his tether so he said. He had tried everything to makert his busines and product so he said but his marketing was paying no return. I had an interesting discussion with him.

This is what I told him. There are 4 rules I have observed in B2B email marketing.

B2B email marketing 101

Rule 1

B2B email prospects readily open emails from a source they recognise or trust. Whatever you do in B2B marketing work at creating relationships with your prospects. The most common way is through content or education marketing. Attract them to subscribe to your blog or content channel.


Rule 2

Do not start with your product or company? Your prospects rarely care about you or your product. Start with the prospect in mind. Afterall it is the prospect’s need or want that drives decision. Research has shown that a change in email subject lines can do wonders for your response. It improves open rates and reading rates?

Rule 3

Guard  your subject line like a hawk

Do not stand on top of the mountain and announce that you are marketing or selling. Why do that don’t forget that the world wants to buy but none wants to be sold.

Rule 4

Don’t rush to propose a sale

For email marketing to work build trust and I mean lots of it. Don’t prematurely propose a sale without building trust. Most people are sceptical to everything online hence my recommendation to build trust.

Learn email marketing and build your business.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copywriter
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You have a great product or service but for some strange reason your product is gathering dust full in your warehouse?

You can’t please everyone 

I once met an entrepreneur who told me he had a brilliant product at least in his eyes, who told me he was making a product for everyone. I knew off the cuff he was somehow deluded.

Stand for something 

Marketing basics requires you to make a choice. The choice in which category you will be found. That specific marketing is called target marketing.

Who is your target market?
If you do not know who you are targeting you might be wasting your dollar on marketing. Your target market means everything for your business. Your target market is the basis for your business. Ignore this at your own peril. Your target market defines the three p’s of the four p’s of marketing known as marketing mix. These are the price, the place and the promotion.


Why you cant target everyone?

The worst form of target marketing is targeting everyone. It’s like trying to kill a flock with one stone, one shot. You may get one or two but that’s about it. Nothing more.

Successful businesses have relationships with their customers 

When you have targeted your prospects you can intimately know about them.

All sales transactions are preceded by fear

Do you know what your prospects’ fears and hopes are in relation to what you offer? What are their dreams? What is their desires? What motivates them to buy from you? Are there concerns with your product or offer you could address? Take away their fear of risk.

Is your product serving a need or want?

Is your product or service an answer to their problem? Is it a need or a want?

Is their current supplier frustrating them if so how so? What can you do differently?

Decide whom to serve

Simply deciding who you are targeting can make a big difference on whether your marketing efforts pay off or not. Every marketing dollar spent needs a profit in return.

Its target marketing or nothing

Target marketing shows your customer you stand for something.
If you are not target marketing you are standing, but well, for nothing. There is a saying that if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. This is not a long term strategy for any business to follow.

When you decide on the niche you serve. You start earning more because you will be perceived as a specialist. Specialists get paid more than generalists.


Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter

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Three simple aspects that wont cost you a cent that could change your business.

Go back to basics

Sometimes big impacts come from simply going back to the basics. The purpose of a business is to make and keep profitable customers. Basics means understanding those you serve.

Know your customers

It is not strange to find few small business entrepreneurs really know their customers. Yet this is key to their ability to make profit and remain sustainable. It is easier and more palatable to sell to people you know than to push down an offer to strangers.

Every successful transaction hinges on this: the seller knew what the customer wanted and the seller knew the issues that could stop the transaction and had worked on them.

Find out why they buy and when they buy

One way of knowing your customers is also to know what they buy, when and why they buy. If you know what they buy you will be apt with your offer. If you know why and when you will surely meet them at their point if need.

Customer desired shopping experience

Every small business has to figure this out with regards to customers . What is their ideal shopping experience ? If the seller knows what they want, why they buy and when they buy and what shopping experience they want or desire what’s left is to deliver.

Can you accurately answer these questions with regards to your customers?

Sometimes business is like police work you to investigate your customers.


Written by Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copywriter

Direct response and B2B Copywriting