Who Else Wants To Attract Prospects On Line?

Battling to attract prospects online?

In this century of internet millionaires and billionaires why should your business not be found on line? Be careful that being not found on line might be a sign. A bad sign for your business that you may be know where to be found. I was reading Shama Hyder’s online marketing plan and found this question in her report. I also found her answer quite funny. A great BOD is what your business requires so she says! BOD is accronym for Brand Outcome Differentiation.


What is your brand all about? What does it stand for? The prospects want to know and they want to know pretty fast otherwise they quickly change and move on. If your brand stands for nothing it will fall for anything, it is exactly  like some body has said before.


When you are marketing prospects don’t really care about you. They care about only one person. The honourable number one. Themselves. They have problems, needs and wants. They want to know if you can give them desirable outcomes. They care about nothing else and no one else except that.


Prospects want answers and they want real answers. They want to know what makes you different to your competitors? And if you are different how is that to their advantage.

Shama’s EMS

The simplest approach to online marketing is to use what Shama Hyder calls the EMS or online version of marketing.This stands for Educate Market and Sell.


Create a market by educating prospects and market to them once they know you and let them want to buy from you. Educate the prospects for no school fees through free content.



Educating takes time and patience. Education makes you an expert. Education makes you a trusted source. Once trust is built a relationship can begin.


Give yourself time to be trusted. Don’t rush the relationship.  Create an audience. Create a tribe that likes and follow you. Let them subscribe to your content. Only then find what they want and sell it.

If you have to be found online copy is king. EMS is not possible without content. Content  makes up your copy.


By Free lance Direct Response and B2B and Chief copywriter Aubrey Mavhuli

Could Your Business Copy Benefit From Asking “So What?”

The ultimate phrase guiding marketing copywriting

In marketing there is nothing as bad as being off topic as far as your customer or prospect is concerned. In writing marketing copy one phrase stands out. Keep this phrase back of mind as you write your long sales letters or advert. Your copy may be relevant. Relevance often gives birth to effectiveness.

So what technique

It’s the “so what ?” phrase. The “So what?” technique can be a game changer for most copy if only all copy writers could pause and consider it. Asking this phrase all the time can keep your copy grounded and relavant to the prospect. As long as you realise and acknowledge that writing marketing copy is not for you pe rse but for the benefit of your prosects your copy will serve you well.

Question everything

Apply the so what question to everything about your copy. Does your copy have a headline ? Write the headline down and ask so what? Write a lead paragraph and ask so what? Whatever you write in the body asking so what guards you from waffling? It stops you from alienating your prospects through unnecessary bragging. When you get to the offer and postscript ask the “so what question?” If this phrase is answered all the time chances are you are on the right path as your focus becomes on the customer or prospect not on you.

Applying the “so what” technique in practice


“We need to write a web page for our website.” So what? So that we can create leads for our business. By answering  this way the main reason is clear. The copy will not be lost and irrelevant but will serve the main goal. If the reason for the copy is not known direction is destitute in the copy.

The ultimate test of copy relevance

The so what technique is the ultimate test of relevance in any written copy. The last thing any markerter or copywriter would like to do is to bore the reader with irrelevant information that shows no value to them.

Copy should add value

Whatever copy you write let it add value to the one who reads it. Let there be a benefit for the sacrifice of reading it. Take for example copy written on social media for it to go places let it be shareable. Your prospect must read it and say, “there is so much value” that i want to share this with my friends or relatives.

By Chief Copywriter

Aubrey Mavhuli

Direct response and B2b Copywriting

One Mistake Never To Do In Marketing

Are you too busy boasting in your copy to actually sell anything?

It is true and it hurts. Many marketers often don’t get it. Their advertising or marketing copy is often more full of hot air than an actual hot air balloon. Marketing like that always backfires. Boasting and taunting of customers and prospects is a big “no”. Unless ofcourse you want to lose the customer.

Honesty marketing beats deception home and away

One of the most important attributes of marketing and salesmanship is honesty. Boasting may win you some customers once. It might do it twice but honesty wins boasting every time.

Your adverts and all marketing copy must be honest. If your marketing is more truthful than your rival’s yours has a chance. Customers are no fools. In fact they haven’t been in a long time.

Joseph Sugarman the legendary direct response copy master says “Try to lie in your copy and you are only deceiving yourself”. What wisdom is that deceiving self?

Admitting faults may not be as bad as you think

If you admit faults when marketing you harness belief and trust from your audience. Some marketing copy is too good to be true. It creates doubters in your prospects. What good is a non believer for what you are marketing. If i dont believe you i wont buy from you. If the fish doesnt really believe the bait is real food it wont bite. That’s how it is.

Point out the flaws upfront in your product and explain them away. You are more believable than if you covered them up. Sometimes it’s not really faults but pseudo faults like ” I got this only in one colour: black.”

The more truthful and frank you are the better your chances of building a brand. Point out advantages in a subtle way. Customers can read between the lines.

Do you agree about honesty in marketing and selling? What are your thoughts? Let’s hear them. Comment below.

By Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copywriter

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