Where Else Have Your Sales Really Gone To?

Great product guarantees no sale

Having a great product or service is no guarantee you will get a sale. A great product or service are many a dime. The world is not short of great products or services. Just short of great marketers. You can be an excellent professional and still be broke. After all, isn’t talent overrated.  A copy writer like myself is a marketer who sells with words. To be able to write copy that delivers results. You must learn to sell.

Selling is not an inferior profession

All businesses sell. Whether huge or small they live off sales. Real business is selling. Life revolves around selling. Politicians sell ideologies and promises to the electorate. You sell yourself to your spouse your parents or children. You are selling everyday as long as you live. You sell your point of view, your values beliefs to others. Brian Tracy asks, “What business are you really in?” Aren’t you in sales?

Everyone who sells has competition

There are three kinds of competition. It doesn’t matter what you are selling. Understand your competition in order to win in sales. You can’t write copy in ignorance as if you lived on your own island.

Know your competition

If you are selling a great product or service not only in your eyes but in the prospect’s eye too but yet you are not winning sales, check out your competition. Never take the prospect for granted. He or she has plenty other options other than you. It doesn’t matter you are a monopoly you will have at least one of these competitors.

Competitor number 1: Apathy or No action

Politicians know this competitor very well. It steals votes every election. Your prospect has rights, lots of them. One such right is to have a need or problem, know the solution and still do nothing about it. Your marketing copy and all other marketing tactics have to move people to action. Don’t let procrastination settle in either give them a reason to act now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is not given.

Competitor number 2: Do it yourself DIY

 Take for example a plumber selling his services. Some prospects might decide plumbers are expensive then do it on their own. Therefore, DIY can be serious competition. Marketing should prove there is better value in getting you to do it than themselves. After all aren’t you the expert.

Competitor number 3: Other organisations

This competition is well known. This comes from organisations or people offering your offer. Do a SWOT analysis on yourself and them and strengthen yourself to compete against them.

Do you have any copy projects you are not sure about? Contact me for consultation or for full copy writing. All copy work is guaranteed.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter


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