Money is in the list

It doesnt matter what your business is about. It doesnt matter what you are marketing or selling. Your greatest real estate is in the list. Did i hear you say what list?

The list of potential customers for your business. Where do i get that? One professional accountant asked me. The simple answer is you create one. the simplest way is to create a list of all your prospects and customers that have interacted with your business before. Note down somewhere if you do not have CRM customer relationship manegement sytem.

The people that have bought from you before and those that have enquired from you before dont let them go. They are serious colateral for your business if you know what to do with them. Let your list be seriously informative. Let it say who they are, where you got their details from what have they enquired about before and what is it they are likely to need in future and they bought from you before.

A list of potential customers and past customers is all you need to learn how to create in your business. People who have bought from you before are likely to buy from you again. You just need to figure out what it is they are likely to buy again. People who have enquired from you need a little encouragement to cross the line and buy from you. Don’t let them down by not giving them that little push.

Just remember people buy what they like and none of the buyers like to be sold. People buy for emotional reasons and justify their decisions with logic. So when you sell whether by copy or by contact appeal to the buyers’ emotions and justify the sell with logic. Logic is the reason buyers tell themselves why they bought what they bought.

One great way of creating list is through content marketing. A blog or newsletter goes a long way to create a list. A CRm goes a long way in managing the list, good copy converts that list into cash.

By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copy Writer of Supervaluecopy

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